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The world saw the landing of a man on the moon in 1969, and with that the age of anything is possible was born, flying cars, laser guns, time travel and talking computers was just around the corner, the world changed forever that day, and for me born in 1968, this era created a core believe that anything could be achieved, and as such became part of my DNA.


My years as a teen was mostly spent with my nose in a book, traveling across the world in my mind, exploring new frontiers and dreaming of achieving greatness as a boxing champ, a rock star, a super hero and a mix of other dreams and aspirations that makes growing up so great, I also ended up venturing deep into the surrounding bushveld in South Africa, and numerous times people had to come looking for me as I lost track of time and distance, and mom and dad could not understand how a child so young could just decide to sleep and wander for days under the sun and stars.

Superman Logo

Early manhood saw the unfortunate part of South Africa’s history being embroiled in combat with neighboring Angola and the occupation of Namibia, and most boys my age having to join the army to go and fight for our country against what was said to be the evils of the world, and as such I ended in South West Africa at the age of 18 as a man, when in fact I was a mere boy at the time.


Autocratic, bureaucratic forced discipline did not fit my style well, and I constantly ended up being on the wrong side of some Sergeant Major or the like, this constant clashes with authority continued until my second year, and after having spent several months in detention barracks for all my rebellion moment I somehow changed after reading a book on Charles Manson, the fear of the evil world that could darken our souls seemed to have had a positive impact on me, and I excelled and became one of the star troops of a previously disgruntled military commander, so much so that I nearly joined the army permanently.

I left the army in 1990 and that day also decided that nobody would ever tell me again that I múst do something, that I háve to adhere to rules made by other people, that I need to act in accordance with values that I did not agree with, I was a modern rebel in my own right, music was my new language, and freedom was my new motto, I even designed a icon to reflect my freedom at the time and tried to tattoo it on my body using melted rubber and some cotton, the tattoo effort failed but the essence of the freedom sign lived on in my soul, and looking back the army to me was the best days of my life that I never want back again.


Stepping into the real world in the early 90’s I wanted adventure, excitement and enjoyment from what I did, and my first job at the post office ended in me having to resign as I could not keep in line with all the rules and sitting in a classroom as a young trainee, I had to be out there doing something better, changing something, have an impact on people around me, so I joined a security company in Johannesburg, and very soon after several armed robbers, burglars and would be rapists being caught and arrested by me, I earned the nickname Mighty Mouse from a larger than life man called Ron Reid Daly, I was a hero and I loved it.


In my free time I raced motorbike on weekends, joined a motorcycle club called Survivors and played drinking games late into the night, this was the life.


On my side I had a beautiful green eyed girl Linda, that I met at a funeral of my best friends dad, despite the somber mood of the day it was love at first sight as the opportunity presented itself when she collapsed from the heat that day, and I was the one that caught her before she fell, gave her water and felt the immediate attraction when she opened up her eyes, she would eventually become my dearest wife, and the mother of our two children born a few years later, a boy and a girl, how blessed can a man be.


My perfect free rebellion life however came crashing down whilst my wife expected our first child, as I had a very bad armed robbery incident, during which I was shot at, at short range, had to have a gun battle with six robbers and managed to save an elderly couple that day from severe criminals, and it was also the day that I realized I could not continue this life, I had responsibilities now.

I swapped my street riding job for something a bit more secure, I went and worked on a gold mine, and going underground every day became a new part of my life, I got a house, I bought furniture and I started building a family life, I did this with every cent of cash that I could spare, as I decided beforehand that I would not do this job forever, and I will make sure that I am debt free in order not to be sucked into the spiral of mine living forever, I also took no leave during this period, saving my leave days for that day when I will make my move into something that I enjoyed, where I can make a difference, where I can smell the fresh air whenever I wanted to.


That day arrived about two years later, I had two months of leave and decided to take a chance and go look for my future, as a result I ended up at a sales company, selling mathematical solutions to parents of primary school children, I excelled at this and very soon I was the top sales person in the company, but it felt wrong, it felt as if the sales process was designed to force people in purchasing the kit, and this ended for me when a mentally disabled child’s mom begged me to sell her the kit, as my sales pitch she saw convinced her that her girl could benefit, I gave her the kit for free, explained to her the reality, walked away with tears in my eyes and called it a day, this type of operation was not for me, and the end of the road on this adventure arrived…

end of the road

On the way back home from the mother above I decided to sleep over in a small town, and at dinner that night I would see the most beautiful thing that I have ever seen, a thing that for me represented the future of the world, a thing that for me was revolutionary, a thing that I believed would change the world like nothing seen before, that evening for the first time in my life I saw a mobile phone, I begged the owner to let me have a look at it and we drank a beer together, I was hooked, I discovered my destiny…

Mobile Destiny


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