Mobile Film Creativity, Time to be Unleashed

I really believe that mobile films, shot on mobile, specific for mobile viewing, provides for an excellent opportunity across the African Continent, and in my minds-eye I can see that such movies could become a mainstream form of entertainment.

Its thus with interest that I saw an ad on DSTV inviting mobile documentary film makers to enter a competition this year for a newly created category, where the Jozi Film Festival is partnering with Discovery Networks to launch a brand new category to this year’s lineup. The “Discovery Channel Don’t Stop Wondering Award”

The film festival is calling for 2-5 minute documentaries from filmmakers across Africa which showcase and celebrate unique African stories and capture Discovery’s ethos of sparking curiosity. This is an Africa-wide search for filmmaking talent that carries a cash prize from Discovery Channel of $5,000 for the final winner to go towards their next filming project. Entry is free and multiple entries are welcome.

The Top 10 films as selected by a JFF and Discovery jury will be broadcast on Discovery Channel in July and August, and later at the sixth annual Jozi Film Festival in September. The winning film will be selected by popular vote via the voting tool on Discovery’s website: and the winner will be flown to Johannesburg to receive their prize at the Jozi Film Festival Awards to be held on 24 September 2017.

Besides this specific initiative I believe that there needs to be more platforms for Mobile Movie/Film makers to showcase their creativity, I believe it could spark an industry of entertainment across the Continent.

Please leave your views

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