Travelling with my Drone across airports

​Travelling across Africa and different airports with my new, not yet flown drone and allready i learnt a few lessons…
Firstly in the lounge before the flight the DJI caused a bit of a conversation sparker between some guys wanting to buy one, and therefore had a lot of interesting questions, one guy was a pilot and did fish spotting trips for whale watching and deep sea fishing charter companies, the DJI could surely make his life much more productive.
We also got into conversation on getting a commercial license in South Africa, which my son is in process of getting as part of business he owns called “Man Mobile Machine”, so it was interesting and satisfying to provide him with all the info at hand, and affirms the need for commercial drones in the market.
Secondly the custom officials at Abidjan airport in Ivory Coast immediately pounced on me… The argument being that i need to declare the Drone, even if I am only staying for a night en route to Guineé, which after lots of debate and about 30 mins of arguing i finally got out of airport.
Thirdly this morning when i checked in and bags got scanned I had the officials at security point up in arms, as they did not know what the device was…
and this took another 30 minutes of discussing and explaining, and unfortunately my French is not yet close to a level where i could explain properly, this ended up in lots of handwaving to mimick a flying object, surrounding airplane type sounds, and pointing to camera… It reminded me of the days when i mimicked the same type of plane movements, that time however was with a spoon in hand to try and get more food in my sons mouth at dinner time…:)
Well my next stop is Guineé airport, where i am sure i might have to explain again to the custom officials, but at least i have a protocol officer on the payroll that eases the process a bit, and I will be at “home” with the drone, so first part of drone story completed.
I do foresee that i would have to be very carefull as to where i fly the drone in Guineé, as this technology is not yet understood across the world, and especially in this region could lead to issues in short space of time… 
Also the airport in Guineè is very close to city, and in fact the flight path crosses town, so any flight above 50m is not at all advisable… 
Security associations is yet another sensitive area, and therefore i would have to sensitise the people in the areas of planned flights, i will be very sensitive to this, and possibly engage with aviation officials to start drafting drone legislation for Guineé, will keep you updated…
I plan to document a range of videos on a stepped “discovery” basis, from opening the box right through to first and subsequent flights, as an aid for newcomers to the group and the industry.
My son is also planning to do a commercial Drone owners and potential owners seminar in June/July of 2017 in South Africa, followed by a webinar as well, will keep you updated as he builds the different commercial models for this exciting emerging industry, it would also be great to hear what you guys are doing from a commercial perspective…
Do Droning … Do Good… Do Responsible

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